Here at Bio-tiful Dairy we think it€™s really important to remember Hippocrates’ timeless advice: “Let food be thy medicine, and medicine thy food.”

Hippocrates Quote

Some of the foods we eat daily would be unrecognisable to our ancestors who understood about nutrient-dense food and incidentally didn’t suffer from the chronic diseases €” the diseases of wealth €” that society suffers from today.

It is great to see that one of the oldest methods of preserving foods is now coming back into today€™s food culture: FERMENTATION. Civilisations all over the world have been fermenting different types of foods for centuries. The earliest record of fermentation dates back to about 6000 BC. Practices such as turning milk into Kefir or yoghurt, cabbage into sauerkraut, or soybeans into miso were necessary in order for our ancestors to preserve food, especially during times when fresh harvest wasn€™t available or the cows weren’t lactating. One thing our ancestors may not have known was the amazing benefits that their food-preservation methods really had on their health.

Here are some foods that you can easily find today and that were an integral part of ancestral health:

Try to stay clear of processed foods and refined sugar, the more natural (and the smaller the ingredient list!) the better.

Why not try incorporating more of these foods into your daily diet?