December is certainly one of the most fun months of the year! It€™s all about spending time with family, having a break from work, eating lots of delicious home cooked food and attending parties.

For lots of people being healthy just isn€™t front of mind this month, however if you want to look and feel your best during this festive season (and want to avoid €˜peaking to soon€™) it is important not to completely forget about it!

Lucie Lemay (Health and Wellness Consultant and Writer) has suggested five things you can do daily to look after yourself. Here are her five healthy habits to put into place this month to ensure you make it to Christmas Day healthy, happy and bursting with energy to enjoy your time off!

Drink Up۬

Our bodies are on average 60% water so if we aren€™t fully hydrated pretty much nothing works properly. Salty foods, caffeine and alcohol are all dehydrating so at this time of the year when all of these things are consumed in excess, keeping up your hydration is even more important! You should be aiming to have 1.5 – 2 litres of water a day.


Start Well۬

Mornings are one of the best opportunities to make healthier choices as it also often sets the tone for the rest of the day. Start it with a pint of warm water and a squeeze of lemon, this will help to wake you up, cleanse you body and hydrate you. Support this with a nutrient dense breakfast such as Kefir, oats, fresh fruit and nuts/seeds

Give Your Gut Some Love۬

Your gut is one of the most important organs in your body, it not only controls your digestive system, but also impacts your immune system, energy, mood and skin health. Hectic lifestyles and poor diet can affect our gut health so aim to help it this season by adding a serving of €˜gut loving€™ foods to your day. Some of the best foods to try are of the fermented kind (Kefir, sauerkraut or kimchi for example).

Move More۬

Regular exercise will not only help to keep colds at bay, but it will also keep your energy levels up so you can make the most of the holiday season! Aim for 30 minutes every day to reap the benefits

Sleep More۬

Be extra aware of how much sleep you are getting this month. If you don€™t prioritise your sleep you will find that by the time Christmas comes along you are ill, exhausted and not able to fully enjoy the actual day. Ideally you should aim for 7 – 8 hours a night.

Like everything else, it€™s about balance 🙂