Searching for a nutritious, gut-friendly snack that’s easy to make? Look no further than these buckwheat crackers topped with Kefir Protein and Kimchi. They’re packed with flavour, protein, whole grains, fibre and naturally gluten-free because buckwheat is a pseudo-grain, more closely related to rhubarb than wheat.

Simple, quick, and sure to satisfy between meals, after the school run and even impress as a treat at your next party.

This recipe was created in collaboration with Eaten Alive, who aim to drive fermented foods past the realm of hardcore foodies and onto the plates of everyone who wants food that both tastes and feels good.  

You will need:

  1. Buckwheat and Chia Seed Crackers from Rude Health. These crackers are high fibre and made with whole grains.
  2. Classic Spicy Kimchi from Eaten Alive adds a boldly spiced but beautifully balanced flavour.
  3. Kefir Protein from Biotiful Dairy for a thick and creamy texture that’s packed with protein.


Kefir Protein Gut-Friendly Snack

Simply layer Kefir Protein and Spicy Kimchi on top of a Buckwheat and Chia Seed Cracker. Done!

Kefir Protein and Kimchi snack