An original take on classic labneh

Swap strained yogurt for Kefir + Protein

Labneh is a Middle-Eastern soft cream cheese that’s part of traditional Lebanese cuisine, is great as a dip for pita bread or falafel balls, and makes an excellent starter, side or snack. Light, refreshing and versatile, it’s made from salted strained yogurt by draining its whey, and while it’s sometimes compared to Greek yogurt, it’s typically a bit thicker.

For our take on labneh, we’ve used our Kefir + Protein (formerly called Kefir Quark) which is naturally high in protein and packed with gut-friendly cultures, and topped it with Eaten Alive’s Smoky Pink Sauerkraut to bring a subtle taste of aromatic spices and smoked chili.

This recipe was created in collaboration with Eaten Alive, who aim to drive fermented foods past the realm of hardcore foodies and onto the plates of everyone who wants food that both tastes and feels good.  


Labneh (made with Kefir Protein) served with Pink Kraut

  • Stir the salt and lemon zest into the Kefir + Protein (formerly called Kefir Quark).
  • Once combined cover with a clean tea-towel and leave on the counter for 12-24 hours. This quick ferment should keep well in the fridge for a week.
  • When ready to serve, toast the pine nuts in a dry pan until beginning to golden.
  • Assemble your bowl of labneh with a swirl of a spoon, a scattering of pine nuts and herbs, a liberal drizzle of olive oil and top with Smoky Pink Kraut.

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