Three easy swaps to enjoy Kefir at Christmas

Great for Christmas leftovers or supporting gut health

You know how to enjoy Kefir in smoothies and overnight oats, but can gut-friendly Kefir fit into your Christmas menu? We say yes, absolutely!

Here were have three easy swap ideas for you to bring this cultured Dairy drink to your Christmas dinner table and parties. Simply follow your favourite recipes and swap in Kefir –

  1. Kefir “Cream”: treat Kefir as you would a normal cream for puddings. Top your Christmas pudding, warm mince pies and yule log with Kefir – the Kefir Organic Baked Milk will make it even more indulgent!
  2. Smoked Salmon Blinis with a Kefir + Protein and chive “cream”.
  3. Leftover potatoes? Add Kefir to make a potato salad to go with Christmas leftovers.

Kefir is made with live Kefir cultures, and our Biotiful Kefir contains over 40 strains of bacteria. These live beneficial bacteria go into a type of hibernation when chilled, slowing down the fermentation process. To enjoy the gut-friendly benefits, it’s best to keep and serve Kefir chilled. Temperatures of around 70’C will disable these bacteria.

To avoid accidentally disabling the live cultures, we’d suggest to avoid heating the Kefir too much or adding it to piping hot desserts or dishes.

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