Kefir Protein

With Blackcurrants and Seeds

A unique combination of Kefir, a 2000 year old bio-live drink, and Quark, a high-protein fresh cheese topped with blackcurrant, coconut and seeds.

Made from the highest quality British milk, Biotiful Kefir Protein contains 20g of protein per portion and is naturally packed with billions of gut-friendly bacteria. It is a source of essential vitamins (including B2 and B12) which contribute to the normal function of the immune system, metabolism and reduction of tiredness. It is also a source of calcium which is needed for the maintenance of normal teeth and bones.

Free from any artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, our Kefir Protein is also gluten free and has no added sugar.

It is a light and wholesome meal, with a delightfully thick and creamy texture. Enjoy as a delicious breakfast or snack, complete with juicy blackcurrant, coconut and sunflower seeds.

Nutritional Facts

Typical valuesPer 100gPortion 180g
Energy, kcal (kj)117 (487)210 (877)
Fat, (g)4.47.9
of which saturates, (g) 2.34.2
Carbohydrates, (g)6.712.1
of which sugars*, (g)6.010.8
Protein, (g)12.422.2
Salt, (g)<0.1g<0.1g
Vitamins & minerals% of NRV in portionPortion 180g
Vitamin B2, µg26%360
Vitamin B12, µg40%1.0
Calcium, mg 25%197
Phosphorus, mg37%256


100% recyclable plastic container with card sleeve made from recycled board. Separate the card and the plastic before popping in the recycling bin, made easy with a tear strip on the card.


Kefir Protein: Pasteurised skimmed cow’s milk (88%) fermented with live kefir and quark cultures. Topping: Dried blackcurrants (4%), coconut (4%), sunflower seeds (4%).

Storage Info

Keep refrigerated 1- 5°C. Consume within 3 days. Enjoy chilled.



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