London, UK €“ Kefir and other fermented foods have been identified as one of the top superfoods to watch in 2015 by food industry analysts. With average sales growth that exceeded 20% month on month since its launch in 2013, Bio-tiful Dairy Kefir and Riazhenka are proving to be the superfood Britain is looking for. Bio-tiful Dairy will be present at the International Food and Drink Event (IFE, from 22 to 25 March 2015 and will showcase its products to stockists, wholesalers and consumers alike who wish to improve their health and wellbeing.

Kefir and Ryazhenka

Kefir and Riazhenka are ancient cultured milk drinks, naturally packed with billions of beneficial live microorganisms, essential vitamins (including B complex, D, A), minerals (including calcium, phosphorus, magnesium) and amino acids. These contribute to improved digestion, immune and nervous systems, healthier looking skin, provide a natural boost to energy levels, and can be your best friend in weight management. These qualities are exactly what busy, health-conscious consumers are seeking: a balance of taste, convenience and nutrition to support their vitality and wellbeing.

Natasha Bowes, founder of Bio-tiful Dairy states: €œWhen I was growing up in Russia, Kefir was a crucial part of a healthy diet and millions of people consume it every day, instead of milk and yoghurt due nutritional and digestive qualities. In the UK at the end of 2013, we were available in 10 stores. That number has now grown to 400, and the products are delivered to homes across the country! We are very pleased that more people in the UK are enjoying Kefir and Riazhenka and we hope that yet many more will discover the fabulous taste and health benefits of our cultured milk drinks soon.€

Kefir is believed to have its origins in the Caucasian mountains over 2,000 years ago, and for centuries it has been part of a daily healthy diet in a long list of countries encompassing Eastern Europe, Russia, Scandinavia and Asia. Today its popularity has soared across Europe and North America.

Bio-tiful Dairy€™s cultured milk drinks are made from the highest quality British organic cow€™s milk of grass-fed cows and authentic live cultures, with no sugar, preservatives or artificial ingredients added.

Winner of the Dairy Innovations Awards 2013 and Gold Star winner in Great Taste Awards 2013, Bio-tiful Dairy is the UK€™s fastest-growing producer of delicious organic cultured milk drinks, Kefir and Riazhenka (and the only producer of the latter). These organic products have gained success in London and are now available in an increasing number of organic and healthy food stores through national wholesalers across the UK, as well as through nation-wide home deliveries. For more information about Kefir and Riazhenka from Bio-tiful Dairy, and on where to purchase, go to, or come to visit us at stand S2871 at thethe International Food and Drink Event (IFE, from 22 to 25 March 2015.