All the Kefir goodness packed into one convenient 100ml Shot!

Yes, that’s 30 billion live cultures, naturally occurring vitamins B12 to support immunity*, naturally.  Made with authentic Kefir cultures, British milk and no sugar added.

Start your day, the natural way with a Biotiful Kefir Shot and get immunity* support in one quick swoop.

*Biotiful Kefir is a source of Vitamin B12 which supports the normal functioning of the immune system. **Contains naturally occurring sugars.


The immune system protects the body from pathogens (infections, viruses) helping us to stay fit and healthy. Kefir is great, for supporting immune and gut health due to naturally occurring Vitamin B12 a source of calcium and billions of live cultures.

Vitamin B12 encourages the activity of immune cells linked with the body’s process of determining the best immune response to illness.

Support your immune system and gut health with kefir during the chillier months this year! It will help fight off anything thrown your way!

Learn more about how kefir supports your Immune Health and  Gut Health.

Biotiful Kefir Shots are available in Sainsbury’s and come in three flavours;

Kefir Shot Original

Kefir Shot Acerola Cherry & Tea

Kefir Shot Peach Turmeric

Available in single 100ml bottle or multi-pack 4x100ml bottles.

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