Natasha’s Story

Natasha our founder is somebody who knows how to make dreams a reality. Originally from Russia, one of her early dreams was to make the Russian figure skating team, which she successfully did up until the age of 13.

Growing up, Kefir and other cultured milk products such as Quark were a regular part of Natasha’s life and continued to be part of her diet and health regime as she trained as an athlete. These were her everyday pick-me-ups.

But when Natasha moved to London, there was nothing that lived up to her memory of the Kefir she used to drink every day. So, having already pursued a successful corporate career, Natasha decided to bring all of her experience to the table in creating Biotiful Dairy.

This became her big dream: to create the perfect Kefir. Combining the best of all worlds; ancient and modern, Russian and British — Natasha blended together recipes and specialist production methods to create a product that is authentic, natural and exactly as it should be.

Now the dream continues; to expand her range of cultured dairy products and ensure they are accessible to everyone who seeks healthier dairy products – all across the UK.