It’s Organic September so we’re celebrating our organic range of Kefir at Bio-tiful Dairy, which we make at the wonderful Berkeley Farm. Find out more about the farm below.

Berkley Farm are a family run partnership supplying organic milk, cream and butter to shops and wholesalers across southern England. The dairy products are made using milk from their own herd of Guernsey cows as well as two local organic herds. Berkeley Farm Dairy is owned and run by the Gosling family who have been producing and supplying Guernsey milk since 1908.

We use Organic milk. 

Our luxury products are made using milk from Guernsey Cows. Guernsey cows are a tradional breed and we believe their milk to be the best tasting due to its high butterfat and rich and creamy texture. Guernsey milk has a lovely golden colour that distinguishes it from milk from more conventional breeds.

Our luxury Guernsey products contain less A1 proteins. Most Guernsey cows are ‘A2 cows’ and do not produce the A1 protein in their milk. The A1 protein is the most common cause of discomfort felt by people with digestion problems after drinking milk. You should therefore feel better after drinking our luxury range. We are working towards a fully A2 product.