Keeping your gut-healthy is easier than ever, with NEW Biotiful Gut-Friendly** Kefir Yogurt.


NEW on shelves in Sainsbury’s, our Kefir Yoghurt Original and Raspberry & Pomegranate will not only aid digestion but will support your immunity*, naturally.

It’s creamy yet light and made with British milk with all the kefir goodness. High in protein, packed with billions of live kefir & yogurt cultures and a natural source of calcium, vitamin B12 and B2.

*Biotiful Kefir is a source of vitamin B12 which supports the normal functioning of the immune system. **Kefir is a source of calcium, which contributes to the normal functioning of the digestive system.


Biotiful Kefir Yogurt 400g pots are available in four delicious flavours;

Kefir Yogurt Original 

Kefir Yogurt Raspberry & Pomegranate

Kefir Yogurt Mango & Lime

Kefir Yogurt Honey & Ginger



Kefir Yogurt Original and Raspberry & Pomegranate are available in Sainsbury’s now.

Available in 400g pots.

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