Kefir is a naturally fermented Dairy drink, originating from the Caucasus mountains over 2,000 years ago.

Kefir contains billions of gut-friendly bacteria and is packed with protein. Our Biotiful Kefir is made right here in the UK with British milk and no sugar added. We love Kefir for breakfast or as a snack. It’s great in smoothies or poured over cereal.

We’re often asked how Kefir compares to yogurt: it’s similar in terms of taste, though it’s generally thinner in consistency. Kefir also often has more, and a wider variety of, beneficial bacteria and contains yeast while yogurts generally contain only a few bacterial strains.


Kefir is made following a traditional fermentation method – First, live Kefir grains – which are essentially a cluster of beneficial bacteria – are added to fresh, warm milk to start the fermentation. This is done inside a tight container away from light, and the lactose in the milk feeds the grains, allowing them to grow and reproduce while starving the grains of oxygen. Once fermentation is complete, the remaining Kefir grains are strained before drinking. The result? A smooth, delicious cultured Dairy drink.

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Kefir is associated with gut health and immune health.

Kefir and Gut Health

It’s believed that naturally fermented foods made with live cultures, such as Kefir, can support a healthy gut – and new research is coming out all the time!

Digestive function is just one of the benefits associated with a healthy gut, and you can learn more in our article: Kefir and the link with Gut Health.

Kefir and Immune Health

Kefir can naturally support the normal function of the immune system, because it’s a good source of vitamin B12. You can read about the details of how this works in our article: Kefir and Immune Health.


Kefir and our range of Kefir products can be enjoyed daily, either on their own or as part of a meal, snack or dessert. Here’s a selection of our favourite recipes, and you can see more in our recipe section.

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