We€™re always being asked here at Bio-tiful Dairy €˜what is Kefir€™ and €˜why should I drink it?€™ €“ so in a nutshell…

Kefir (pronounced kee-fer) is a 2,000-year-old bio-live drink from the Caucasus Mountains. Kefir is made by adding authentic kefir culture to milk and then letting the mixture ferment in optimised conditions. Originating from the Caucasus Mountains, the culture is made from kefir €˜grains€™, these €˜grains€™ are a €˜living colony€™ of naturally occurring beneficial bacteria and yeasts. The term €˜grain€™ simply refers to the appearance of the cultures (they resemble small clumps of coral or cauliflower).

Kefir Grain

Why is Kefir so good for me?

There are many reasons why drinking Kefir is good for you (and your gut)! Here are our top 10:

  1. It€™s packed with billions of live gut-friendly bacteria (over 40 strands, compared to typically just 4 in yoghurt)
  2. It is the most probiotic of all natural foods
  3. It€™s naturally packed with essential vitamins, amino acid and minerals €“ including B12 and B2
  4. It rebalances the gut flora in your stomach, inhibiting the over-growth of bad bacteria and boosting digestion and immunity
  5. It€™s high in protein and calcium
  6. It naturally boosts energy levels, reducing tiredness
  7. It is believed to help break down fat, cleanse your system and speed up your metabolism
  8. It€™s rich in antioxidants and antibodies
  9. It€™s gluten free and low in lactose
  10. There is absolutely no added sugar

Plus we think it’s rather tasty too (and super versatile).

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