A healthier and tastier alternative for cottage or cream cheese

Made with authentic Kefir cultures and British milk

Now you can upgrade your cheese with NEW Kefir Cheese.

A healthier and tastier alternative for cottage cheese or cream cheese, Biotiful Kefir Cheese is a cultured soft cheese made with British milk and authentic Kefir cultures.

Haven’t tried Kefir yet? Learn more about Kefir.

Creamy, yet light and bursting with flavour, top on salads, spread on crackers or dip with crunchy vegetables.

  • Billions of gut-friendly cultures
  • High in protein
  • Low in fat

Filling and nutritious – lunchtimes will never be dull again.

Discover the Health Benefits of Kefir

Biotiful Kefir Cheese is available in Sainsbury’s and comes in three flavours:

Original Kefir Cheese

Herbs & Garlic Kefir Cheese

Red Pepper & Cumin Kefir Cheese