Kefir grains are living organisms that occur in nature. No one knows exactly where or when the kefir grain first appeared however it has been established that they originated from the Northern Caucasus Mountain region of the former USSR (between Russia and Georgia) several thousand years ago.


The most popular story on the origin of kefir grains is that the Prophet Mohammed gave the Orthodox people of the Caucasian Mountain the very first grains and taught them how to make Kefir or “the drink of the Prophet Mohammed” from it. They harnessed the grains to ferment milk in simple leather bags. According to legend, the Caucasian people were very possessive about their precious Kefir and the grains were treated like precious jewels in each family, because of their ability to preserve and enhance milk and because of their many health benefits. As part of its mystery, Kefir is closely linked to the longevity of the Caucasian people, who were known to live long and healthy lives, with many centenarians among them. The word ‘kefir’ comes from the turkish language and means ‘long life‘ or ‘good life‘.


These people wanted to keep their ‘miracle drink’ secret from the rest of the world. However luckily for us at the turn of the twentieth century, stories about Kefir leaked out to Russian officials who wanted to make Kefir available for all Russian citizens – and now we are bringing it to the UK!

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