We popped up at Protein Studios in Shoreditch, London, to unveil our new Fermentation Station for a day of gut health focused activities on Thursday 30th May. Our Fermentation Station hosted a series of events and talks with like-minded, innovative health, fitness and food partners including The Gut Stuff (The Mac Twins), Frame Studios and Rita’s Dining.

Why? The gut is home to trillions of microbes (both good and bad bacteria) that play a major role in your physical health and mental wellbeing – so it’s crucial to keep your gut healthy and happy.

The day included:

Happy Gut Moves: gut-focused yoga / movement classes in collaboration with cult fitness destination Frame Studios, followed by irresistible Kefir-based smoothies for participants to enjoy.

Demystifying Gut Myths: the experts from The Gut Stuff – The Mac Twins and nutritionist Kristy Coleman – spoke about brilliant bacteria and offered the lowdown on gut health and guarding your gut.

Gut Gourmet: mouthwatering Kefir and food pairings, including bespoke ‘cultured’ cocktails made with Kefir, created in partnership with the culinary power couple behind Rita’s Dining, Missy Flynn and Gabriel Pryce.