We’ve curated a list of easy swaps that will make those New Years Resolutions that you made in January, more realistic and manageable.

  1. Yoghurt for Kefir. Kefir has 40 different strains of bacteria in comparison to 2-3 found in traditional yoghurt. You’ll definitely reap the gut-friendly benefits by swapping and it’s easy too. Just use Kefir as you would yoghurt – add fruit, granola, honey or drink as it is.

2. Sweets for dried fruit. So dried fruit is still quite sugary but it’s better to eat something more natural than not. We love Emily’s Fruit Crisps or heading to Planet Organic and buying dried mango.

3. Jacket Potatoes for Sweet Potatoes Jacket potatoes make an easy lunch or simple dinner but to spice it up a bit, swap your regular potato for a sweet potato. Filled with Vitamin A, it’s a great way to up your Beta-Carotene, essential for great skin.


4. Fizzy drinks for sparking water. If you’re still drink fizzy drinks, try swapping them for a new, healthier breed – Ugly.


Let us know what other swaps you’re enjoying @biotiful_dairy.