Tesco, the UK’s biggest retailer, has recognised gut health and Kefir as a trend for the future, and Biotiful as one of 2019’s most innovative young food and drink brands.

We join the likes of Graze, Fevertree and Brewdog who have been on the Tesco Incubator Programme, which will help us to grow and provide you with healthier, sustainable, affordable and quality Kefir and Kefir Quark products.

Biotiful may be a business of 20 people, but we’re leading innovation with health and taste, causing a fundamental shift on what Dairy looks like and major players have followed suit. By focusing on redefining Dairy through gut health, high quality ingredients, no added sugar & sustainable sourcing, for the last seven years we’ve become a brand that’s changing the face of UK Dairy.

Working with Tesco, we will help customers make healthy little swaps by offering products packed with gut friendly cultures, high quality British milk, no sugar added and an award-winning taste. And of course, we never use artificial ingredients in any of our products.

Sustainable sourcing and caring for the environment is important to us. We work closely with our partners to continuously improve, and right now this means:

  1. Fully recyclable packaging which contains up to 30% recycled plastics. And we only use HDPE for our bottles and PP for our pots, which are among the most recyclable plastics.
  2. Zero waste to landfill through partnership with fair share and solar panels and anaerobic digestion, which creates energy & removes waste.
  3. Happy cows in Dorset, where all our milk comes from, who graze within a 25 mile radius of where products are packed. And whilst we’re Red Tractor accredited, we’re proud to also go above and beyond for our cows through access to grazing & more time outside with the rest of the herd.

Natasha Bowes, Biotiful Founder, says: “‘We are delighted to be recognised for healthy innovation and driving growth in the Dairy Category, with Kefir and gut health identified as major growth areas for Tesco. We are really looking forward to maximising the positive impact of Healthy Little Swaps in this partnership with Tesco, with the consumer being the main beneficiary.”

Don’t fear it, #KefirIt! And join us on this journey.

Established in 2017, Tesco’s Incubator programme is designed to give a helping hand to a carefully selected group of small entrepreneurial brands that have the potential to offer something different and exciting to customers.