Bio-tiful Dairy is absolutely delighted to inform you that both (!) our Honey & Mint Kefir Super Smoothie and Morello Cherry Kefir Super Smoothie have been shortlisted for the Good Choice! Quality Food Award 2015, in the Dairy category.

The Quality Food Awards (QFA) is the most prestigious acknowledgments for food & drink products on sale in UK grocery outlets. The Good Choice! section of the QFA seeks to highlight best practice in food and drink that are specifically designed and marketed as healthier or €œfree from€ alternatives €“ in other words, products that are either positioned as part of a health-orientated range, or if the recipe or process confer a nutritional benefit, either through what has added or through what has been left out.

The celebrity chef Phil Vickery is the ambassador for the Good Choice! and will be presenting the awards, which will be announced on the 5th November at the historic Grosvenor House Hotel, London.

Show us your love & support and let us get Kefir the attention it deserves!

See the full shortlist here.

Check out the video from last year here.