Did you know that chronic inflammation might be affecting your life more than you think? Studies show that inflammation can affect our mood, including lack of enjoyment, depression, apathy, and psychosis. In addition, researchers have found that chronic, low-grade inflammation is associated with many chronic physical diseases including heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.

The good news is that many delicious whole foods contain molecules that naturally help your body fight off inflammation. Here are five ingredients that you can add into your add into your smoothie base for a great taste and lots of anti-inflammatory benefits.

Blue, Red and Purple Berries

Not only do berries taste delicious and offer us amazing vitamins, but they are also full of anti-inflammatory agents called anthocyanins. These molecules give the berries their blue, red, and purple hues. They also change the way a human body launches the inflammatory response.

Inflammation is a natural and healthy reaction of the body to an invasion or disease, but sometimes the response can go into overdrive. Anthocyanins can protect the body from the unnecessary inflammation that can lead to disease. Think about adding raspberries, strawberries, and blueberries to your next fruity blend.


Many people know that avocados are chock full of healthy fats. Did you also know that they contain inflammation fighting molecules? According to an interesting study, avocado-specific sugars inhibit the body’s inflammatory response.

Avocados have a creamy, smooth texture and can add satisfying thickness to any smoothie. The flavour of an avocado is subtle and will blend with your favourite fruits and veggies.


Turmeric is a powerful root that has been known for its healing qualities for centuries. Original practitioners of Ayurvedic medicine, three thousand years ago in India, used to prescribe this ingredient to ailing clients. Today, we can buy turmeric in convenient powdered form, or fresh as a root.

What is so powerful about turmeric? Scientists have discovered that a particular substance in turmeric, called curcumin is likely responsible for the plant€™s anti-inflammatory activities within the human body. A study conducted by the BBC and accompanying researchers found that volunteers asked to add turmeric to their diets experienced noticeable positive changes in their health.

Add this golden ingredient to your next smoothie and enjoy the benefits of lower inflammation: higher quality sleep, a better mood, and improved physical health. Turmeric has a strong taste. It combines well with pineapple, carrot juice, ginger, or lemon flavours.

Chronic and unnecessary inflammation is a condition that affects mental and physical health.  Food is a powerful agent in the body€™s inflammatory system, and certain foods help to keep an overactive inflammatory response in check. Feel healthier and enjoy the many benefits of topping your next smoothie off with some berries, avocado, and turmeric.

By Jenny Holt