Ever wondered why Natasha founded Bio-tiful Dairy in 2012, why she loves Kefir or how she fits so much into an already very busy schedule? Well wonder no more, we’ve conducted a short interview here at the office…

Why did you start Bio-tiful Dairy?

I had a desire to create something that would help to make the world (or at least the UK!) a better, healthier place. I missed Kefir since leaving Moscow 17 years ago, and could not find good quality Kefir in London. I felt there was a market need for this genuinely healthy and entirely natural dairy drink here!

What were you doing before and how did you find the change in careers?

After training as an athlete for the Russian figure skating team, where Kefir was an essential part of my diet and health regime, I went on to study Economics and Finance at the Moscow State University, started my financial career in finance in Moscow and subsequently moved with my job to Dublin and then to London. After a long corporate, high-flying career I finally set about creating my dream €“ my own cultured milk range. The change in career was both exciting and challenging! 

Why did you call the company Bio-tiful Dairy?

Bio-tiful Dairy describes our product perfectly. Kefir is the original Bio-live drink, the recipe is over 2,000 year€™s old and it€™s packed with billions of gut-friendly bacteria. What€™s more, it has a beautiful and refreshing taste. 

What is your daily routine?

Running a business is very demanding, so it€™s essential that I utilise my time as best I can. I am a morning person and find that€™s when I€™m most productive, so by the time I reach the afternoon I often feel myself slowing down. To avoid this, I break up my day with a lunchtime gym session. This boosts my overall working day€™s efficiency substantially as it makes me feel energised and therefore more productive in the afternoon. Balance is important, so on the weekends I like to start the day with some invigorating exercise, such as tennis or HIIT training. It feels therapeutic and cleanses me from the working week, putting me in a great place to embrace the weekend and unwind. 

What motivates you?

Learning and experiencing new things, grasping the essence of a business / job and excelling at it – that€™s what I really enjoy.

How do you typically enjoy Kefir?

My favourite is the original Kefir and I love it first thing in the morning – on its own or in a green smoothie. If I am peckish, the best mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack for me is definitely Baked Milk Kefir – it fills me up with goodness and leaves me feeling light, just perfect!

Why do you drink Kefir?

For the many health benefits, proven over centuries. To naturally boost my digestion, immunity and energy levels. 

What€™s your typical daily food diary look like? 

I start the day with a green Kefir smoothie, then I have a bowl of home made muesli and a cup of of jasmine tea once I reach the office. My mid morning snack is usually a piece of fruit. For lunch I normally have something like raw vegetables with dip, sushi or fish. Then in the afternoon I have a glass of Baked Milk Kefir to keep me going until dinner. I end the day with a light dinner of steamed vegetables and chicken. I love to drink green tea throughout the day too!

What is your motto in life?

There are always ways to do more and better!