We love Kefir in the office (obvs) but we all like to drink it differently. As there are so many ways to drink it, we’re sharing our favourites with you.


What’s your favourite BD Kefir and why? I can’t decide between Original Kefir and Baked Milk Kefir.  I love the natural taste of Kefir, and the thick creamy texture of Baked Milk Kefir. Both are delicious soaked with oats overnight (then topped with fresh fruit and a drizzle of honey in the morning!)

How do you drink Kefir? I have it for breakfast every morning, either with soaked oats or poured over granola – it fills me up until lunch and tastes amazing 🙂 I also love a good Kefir smoothie.


What’s your favourite Bio-tiful Dairy Kefir and why? The Original Kefir. I come from Belarus and grew up on Kefir, so the more original the better!

How do you drink Kefir? As a snack between meals, it’s really filling and gets rid of any mid morning/afternoon hunger pangs.


What’s your favourite Bio-tiful Dairy Kefir and why? The Honey and mint is my favourite, it’s very refreshing, which is great as the weather starts to get a little warmer.

How do you drink Kefir? I tend to drink the smoothies as a mid-afternoon snack and I have the original or the baked for breakfast either on its own or on muesli. It fills me up until lunch.


What’s your favourite Bio-tiful Dairy Kefir and why? I love the Morello Cherry smoothie. I have a sweet tooth and this helps naturally satisfy that. It borders on a gut-healthy milkshake.

How do you drink Kefir? It’s normally a snack for me and I just drink it as it comes (as chilled as possible.) Sometimes putting it in my guacamole gives it an extra boost too!


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