Already a big fan of our cultured milk drinks, Slick Mummy decided to interview Natasha to find out more about Kefir, Natasha’s proudest moment and what’s next for Bio-tiful Dairy! Check out the highlights:

“Your drinks can be enjoyed in a variety of ways, which do you prefer and how do you drink them?” 

My favourite is the original Kefir and I love it first thing in the morning – on its own or in a green smoothie. If I am peckish, the best mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack for me is definitely Baked Milk Kefir – it fills me up with goodness and leaves me feeling light, just perfect!

“What would your advice be on getting children to drink them?” 

Start out with the Kefir Smoothies – we had kids in mind when we created them, as they are a little naturally sweeter due to the fruit, yet have all the goodness that Kefir gives your digestion and immunity. I lived on Kefir in my childhood, as I was mildly lactose intolerant and Kefir is naturally low in lactose and the easiest food to digest.

“What are the benefits over – for example – bio yoghurt?” 

Kefir is as natural and light as a dairy product gets, and its authentic, 2,000-year-old culture has about 40 different types of beneficial bacteria plus beneficial yeasts (for comparison a typical yoghurt would have only a couple of different bacteria strains). It is the most probiotic of all the natural foods, and naturally packed with a number of essential vitamins and minerals, with an exceptional list of health benefits resulting from that.

“What’s next for the brand?” 

Our Kefir being easily available to everybody in any part of the country!

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