Can you use Kefir in smoothies? The answer is not only, yes you can, but is also yes you should. Milk-based products like Kefir, yoghurt, and milk itself make for excellent bases for any healthy smoothie. This article briefly explains why Kefir adds more to a smoothie than other products, and gives you a quick outline of how to pick other elements. For the most part, building a smoothie is about getting a good base and learning to pick healthy and good tasting combos; however, there are 3 types of item you should always avoid.

It’s All About the Base

Kefir makes for an excellent base not just because it helps turn the fruit or vegetables from a solid state to a comfortable drinking state, but because unlike water, it adds vital nutritional value to the drinker. Its benefits include:



B12/B2 Vitamins

Gut-friendly bacteria

Most importantly for the physics of a good smoothie, it creates a wonderfully creamy texture for your drink while adding a complimentary flavour to balance out sour, sharp, or sweet tastes brought into the mix by the fruits or vegetables you use.

Blends to Avoid

There are almost as many blend varieties as there are people making smoothies. However, there are some general blends which are 100% no to everyone.  Reasons for not blending certain substances  tends to come because they have a bad taste, do harm to the body, or are a poor material for blending. These 3 are:

Dried Superfoods: These are mere stimulants which provide an early energy boost, but give you no real nutritional benefits.

Store-Bought Fruit Juices:  Any good blend needs real pulp and juices, not anything which has been refined, concentrated, or had other sugars added to it.

Extra Oils: These just add unnecessary fat to a blend.

Apart from those 3, it is all about personal choice in terms of tastes and nutritional needs.

Choosing the Right Smoothies

Now it is time to build your kefir-based smoothie. As noted above, the precise combination of ingredients is down to you. The first step is to choose your kefir base, then prepare the fruit of your choice. Common fruits include oranges, limes, mangoes, strawberries, kiwi fruit, pineapples, and so on. You can make a smoothie using one type of fruit or multiple ones to create new flavours and to add additional nutrients. In addition to the fruit smoothie, you can make vegetable ones. These are often referred to as “green smoothie” due to the high green vegetable count within them. One factor to be aware of if you are going for a pure vegetable smoothie is the lowered water content of the vegetables themselves compared to most fruits.

Jenny Holt, Freelance Writer 

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