We’re fans of creating some fancy Kefir recipes on our blog. Hello Sage and Kefir Buns. However instead of over complicating things, take it back to basics and use Kefir in these 3 simple ways.

  1. Drink it straight. It might seem a bit obvious but that’s what it’s there for. When you’re on the go, post workout or relaxing on the sofa, Kefir is great to drink as it is. Especially our range of smoothies.

Lifestyle Original Glass

2. Use Kefir as you would a milk or yoghurt and pour over your granola or muesli. Our favourite is the Beetroot and Ginger Muesli from Primrose’s Kitchen.

Lifestyle Granola Landscape

3. Create your favourite smoothie with it. We love our veggie based green smoothies but a simple breakfast smoothie of Banana, Raspberries and Kefir is a great, easy option.

Lifestyle Original Smoothie Kilner Mug


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