Whether you’re on the go or just fancy a snack, these Kefir and Cacao Energy balls make a delicious probiotic power boost.  You also can’t beat almond butter. 
Ingredients (Makes 10 balls):
•60ml Bio-tiful Kefir
•100g rolled oats
•150g dried dates (ideally soaked in water for an hour)
•80g ground almonds
•1 tbsp. almond butter
•2 tbsp. cacao power
•2 tbsp. chia seeds
•1 tbsp. honey
•Desiccated coconut
•Soak the dates in water for at least an hour
•Combine the oats, dates, almonds, almond butter, cacao power, chia seeds and Bio-tiful Kefir
 in a high powered blender (add more Kefir if too dry) – the mixture should be thick and easy to mould
•Roll into individual balls, coating with desiccated coconut