Natasha Bowes

She has a dream

Natasha Bowes founded Bio-tiful Dairy Ltd in early 2012 to fulfil her dream of making delicious, high-quality cultured milk drinks – Kefir and Baked Milk Kefir (traditionally known as Riazhenka) – which she grew up on, available to health-conscious people throughout the UK.

Cultured milk drinks are consumed daily throughout Eastern Europe, Russia and large parts of Asia. In Russia, alongside being a vital part of a daily, healthy, nutritious diet, Kefir has been the key recovery food after illnesses and antibiotics for decades. Traditionally it has also been regularly given to children, expectant and breast-feeding women, to support their particularly vulnerable immune system. Moreover, Kefir has always been the favourite slimming food for Russian beauties!

These drinks are also popular in Scandinavia, Germany, US and Canada. Unfortunately they are really hard to come across here in the UK, particularly of the taste and quality that they should be. That’s why Bio-tiful Dairy came along!

Kefir & Baked Milk Kefir

Why Kefir and Baked Milk Kefir (Riazhenka)

These two products were chosen from the wide variety of existing fermented milk drinks because of their superior nutritional qualities and exceptional taste. The difference between these two cultured milk drinks comes from how the cultures are composed and how the milk is treated (and at what temperature).

Based on the authentic recipe, the milk for Riazhenka is gently baked before it is fermented, giving it a naturally sweeter, more luxurious taste. In comparison, Kefir is light and refreshing with a silky, smooth texture; its range of gut-friendly bacteria is the richest among all natural foods.

Both products have been made in Natasha’s motherland for centuries, resulting in an excellent understanding of how best to produce them. She fully drew on this knowledge from Russia and combined it with the new technology from Britain!

Riverford Farm Dairy cows

Only the best and most natural

We searched long and hard for the perfect production bases – places with a passion and commitment for producing dairy products from sustainably sourced British milk of the very highest quality.

We are delighted to work with both an award-winning organic farm in Devon and one of the most respected and successful independent dairies in Dorset who source the highest quality local milk. Not only do they both share our ethical values, but their dairy produce is of the highest standard. We’ve taken great care in devising the perfect production process for our cultured milk drinks, starting with the freshest milk from healthy, grass-fed cows.

The best that Nature gives us is preserved and passed to you through our products. We deliberately leave the natural balance of nutrients in the milk and don’t add anything to it, except for the authentic live cultures. These cultures further enrich the high quality, minerals-packed milk with billions of gut-friendly bacteria and essential vitamins – to be enjoyed daily in building your strength and immunity!

We wish everybody to live Bio-tifully!