Bio-tiful ORGANIC Kefir Launches in Waitrose

Our Organic Kefir range is now available in Waitrose. Find the full store list here!

Health Benefits of Bio-live Cultures in Children

Children need a diet rich in bio-live cultures, such as those found in Bio-tiful Kefir to support their mental and physical health. Learn why in this article.

Award-winning Dietitian Lucy Jones answers your top Kefir Questions!

Lucy Jones answers your top Kefir and Kefir-Quark questions.

  • Bio-tiful Kefir-Quark Crustless Cheesecake

Kefir-Quark Crustless Cheesecake

Impress your friends with this show-stopping cheesecake - rich and indulgent yet high in protein, packed with probiotics and kind to th

Creamy Kefir-Quark Tzatziki

A super deliciously creamy Kefir-Quark Tzaziki - the perfect dip for this summer!

Bio-tiful Kefir-Quark wins two awards at The World Dairy Innovation Awards

We are thrilled to announce that the world’s first high [...]