A diet rich in bio-live cultures, such as those found in Bio-tiful Kefir and Bio-tiful Kefir-Quark can support mental and physical health from a young age in the following ways;


  1. Fermented foods€“ Dairy is a great entry-level product to get bio-live cultures into children€™s diets because of the accepted, creamy taste and natural flavour profile. As their palates get more adventurous, you can then add in other fermented foods such as kimchi and sauerkraut too.
  2. Upgrade- Swap your standard milk or yoghurt for healthier Bio-tiful Kefir or Kefir-Quark in the morning. They are rich in bio-live cultures and your children are unlikely to notice the difference in taste!
  3. Enjoy Bio-tiful Kefir and Kefir-Quark€“ Bio-tiful Kefir and Kefir-Quark are super versatile, whether it€™s a smoothie, dessert or dip! See our delicious recipe inspiration here.

Bio-tiful Kefir