Last month we chatted with Bio-tiful’s founder, Natasha, to find out about her beauty routine and how she stays healthy. Discover Natasha’s top tips below! 

My approach to beauty and wellness is a little more focused on the inner rather than outer!

  • Sleep is incredibly important for me and I have to get a min 7 hours sleep a night (ideally 8!) I don’t drink coffee but keep alert with green tea, ideally with jasmine flowers 🙂
  • I try to exercise once a day and ideally at lunch time during the week (to break up the day and de-stress) and mornings on a non-work day.
  • Keeping hydrated really helps brighten my skin and I always start the day with a glass of water (room temperature) and drink at least 2 litres of water / herbal tea a day.
  • I have my set of little winning ‘rules’: I keep my food as natural and with as little interference as possible and I LOVE to start the day with a green smoothie (4/5 vegetables + 1/5 fruit). That way I know I’m getting a great intake of green first thing. I try to keep my food as varied as possible having oats in the morning and good protein for lunch – it helps me keep full. I don’t have any heavy protein after 4pm, this helps my digestion massively! It helps that I love fruit and it’s my only natural sugar intake. Oh and my favourite snack is either the Original or Cherry Bio-tiful Kefir.
  • I get a sports, deep tissue massage once a week whenever I can and get beauty treatments regularly – the key is to have the right therapist for you!
  • Top tip? The best thing I have done for myself in the last 6 months is not having any alcohol.