Did you know that Kefir€™s natural probiotics are not only great for gut health, but they’re also extremely beneficial in the healing of skin? You can apply Kefir directly onto your face to clean, nourish and protect. It makes a nourishing face cleanser, moisturiser or exfoliating mask, offering a wonderful boost to your overall skincare regime.

To achieve a radiant complexion without spending a fortune, apply three tablespoons of ground almonds with a one-third cup of Kefir to your entire face. Gently remove with a warm cloth after about 15 minutes.

Or you can whip up a Kefir face mask:

For dry skin – as above, but swap the egg white with egg yolk, and honey with 1 tsp of olive oil and wash off with warm water first, then cold.

This may be one of nature’s best kept skincare secrets! Find out more about Kefir and skincare here.