Did you see Bio-tiful Kefir in The Times this weekend? Labelled this summer’s most sought-after refreshing and healthy drink, we are so excited to see Kefir flying of supermarket shelves!

The article talks about how Kefir has been a health staple in eastern Europe for years and is now a favourite of clean eaters as part of the trend for gut-friendly food. It also states that this super probiotic drink is suddenly the focus of conversations at gyms, while supermarkets are reporting that it is set to replace green smoothies and coconut water – hooray!

Kefir has a wealth of health benefits including supporting digestion, immunity and gut health. The benefits of a healthy gut include weight loss, shiny hair and glowing skin. Kefir is also said to have anti-ageing properties because it protects cells and reduces inflammation. There are just so many great benefits to talk about!

Read the full article via The Times here.