Bio-tiful Dairy Girl


Health Benefits

The health benefits of these fermented milk drinks have been established over centuries. They contain billions of live microorganisms (including Bifidobacterium) and are a source of a number of essential vitamins (B2, B12) and minerals (calcium, phosphorus) which contribute to:

  • improving lactose digestion and normal function of digestive enzymes,
  • normal function of the immune system,
  • normal energy-yielding metabolism,
  • normal functioning of the nervous system,
  • maintenance of normal bones, teeth, muscle function, skin and vision, and
  • reduction of tiredness and fatigue.

Kefir is a product of milk fermentation with a symbiotic combination of a number of highly beneficial friendly bacteria and other micro-organisms, including lactic bacteria and Kefir yeast. Fermentation significantly increases milk’s capacity to be digested by a human, as during this process a number of elements are broken down into simpler ones, and friendly lactic bacteria boost the secretory activity within the stomach.

Kefir’s fermentation process is twofold:

a. Friendly lactic bacteria trigger lactic fermentation and the production of lactic acid which is perceived to be beneficial for the digestive micro-flora as it inhibits development of harmful bacteria in the stomach.
b. Kefir yeast triggers very mild alcohol fermentation. As a result, milk components, particularly lactic sugar, are transformed to activate the digestive system and speed up the metabolism.


Kefir’s health and dietary benefits are attributed to the presence of friendly lactic bacteria, lactic acid, vitamins, protein, fats and gentle natural antibiotic (helping to fight unwanted bacteria) emanating from both the original ingredients and from the subsequent fermentation process.

Kefir has historically been perceived to be an excellent aid in weight management - its secret is in breaking down fat not into fatty acids that are stored in the liver where they return into a form of fat, but it transforms fat into simpler elements which Kefir itself is perceived to help eliminate from the system as part of its cleansing ability.

Kefir is also claimed to be renowned for its cosmetic qualities when applied to skin externally. It naturally helps to smooth out the surface and the colour of the skin.

Prostokvasha is produced by fermenting milk with friendly lactic bacteria of a specific family.

Riazhenka is made with the same family of friendly bacteria as Prostokvasha, but from specially treated milk that is ‘stewed’ before the fermentation process. The result is extra smooth texture and naturally slightly sweeter taste.

The fermentation process for these two products is triggered by the lactic bacteria only, and they share Kefir’s qualities that result from the lactic fermentation, but not those linked to the presence of Kefir yeast. This makes them gentler tasting and no less health beneficial, as due to the activities of friendly bacteria, they are also perceived to offer numerous beneficial qualities for the digestive system (listed above) and synthesis of a number of valuable vitamins.

Consumption of either of these fermented milk drinks which are enriched with Bifidobacterium is perceived to further help the human body to withstand infections and adverse environmental factors. Bifidobacterium are part of a healthy stomach’s micro-flora that may protects us from the development of germs, hence helping us prevent dysbiosis and aid digestion, as well as help us absorb a number of vitamins and minerals.