It has become consensually accepted (and supported by numerous studies) that our diets is directly correlated to our peace of mind or a lack thereof.

While what we eat certainly does not in itself constitute a remedy to all anxiety and insecurity, eating a steady fare of nutritious and well-balanced foods may indeed aid such problems.

Use the following brief guide on what to eat & what to avoid – to help you cope with stress.

This is what it had to say about Kefir:

 €œA study of 710 college students, published in the June issue of Psychiatry Research, found that eating more fermented foods, such as kefir, was linked to fewer symptoms of social anxiety (social anxiety is characterized by intense nervousness and self-consciousness that arises from a fear of being closely watched and judged by others).

Drinking kefir, rich in probiotic bacteria, helps promote a healthy balance of gut bacteria, which evidence strongly suggests contributes to normal mood.

In lab animals, probiotics have been shown to reduce anxiety- and depression-like behaviours and prevent increases in cortisol (a stress hormone).

Drink kefir, pour it over cereal and granola or blend it with fruit to make a smoothie. To reduce added sugars, choose a brand that is unflavoured.€


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