Octavia Thompson lays out the ultimate Summer Superfoods Guide 2015 via Conde Nast Johansens.

This is what she had to say about Kefir:

“Named after the Turkish word “keif” meaning “good feeling”, enzyme-rich kefir is a milky drink made using kefir grains from fermented cow or goat’s milk. It might sound disgusting, but it has a surprisingly tasty yogurt-like flavour and consistency. Packed full of live microorganisms with gut-healing properties, kefir is perfect for those suffering from digestion complaints and the impressive number of virus-fighting vitamins, minerals and complete proteins is a dream come true for your immune system. As the good bacteria consume most of the lactose in the fermentation process, it is also far easier to digest than other dairy products. You can either choose to make kefir at home by combining milk and kefir grains and allowing it to ferment, or you can buy ready-made kefir in the yogurt aisle of most health-food shops. My favourite is Bio-tiful Dairy.”


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